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10 Tips for Beginners (and not!)


1) Many people think that the "Stock Exchange" is only shares.

The "Market" instead, is composed of many instruments, all different from each other and each requires a different approach.

Start you, first of all, with the figure in which "territory" you want to specialize. And equip yourself with maps!


I suggest, therefore, at the beginning of at least one read glossary of financial terms (see the special section in FOREX GLOSSARY).

It is essential to know the language of the country you are visiting!











2) Do not scatter, initially, with technical details such as bank or broker, platform, oscillators etc. This is all about the "AFTER".


Start studying the ABC. The choice of books is essential.

We need to provide a solid foundation.

See Forex trading (FREE) E-Books.













3) Once you have decided on what to work and having at least a good baggage of study, we go to practice with a DEMO PLATFORM.

Do not start, repeat NOT START ever with real money !!!!
Sure, you can get lucky and earn at the beginning.


But it would ONLY LUCK.


Try to know the market and yourself.
Stay on the demo until you are sure of what you are doing.










4) The market changes.

Do not be impressed by the gains.

One of the worst things that can happen to those who earn at start!


The case distributes winnings and losses. But you do not want to play roulette, right?

Only skill and experience ensure steady gains and contained losses.


Remember that there will ALWAYS losses. Do not think you able to cancel them.
Losses can only be limited.








5) Read, read, read.
There are many sites where you can learn a lot without spending much money. But remember, always think with your head!

Do not trust unsolicited advice. And even if the advice is required on... think about it, but in the end, always be you to decide with your head.







magic wand



6) There are a lot of courses for a fee. Some "good traders" teach, but most of them are not teachers because they are good traders (that's why they write books).
Do not ever listen to those who offer easy money, the Eldorado, magic trick ...


There is no easy money in the "Markets". NEVER.


It 'a serious profession and it's tiring. You can earn, of course, but only with constant application, study, seriousness. Although this remains very difficult to gain (97 of 100 traders fail in less than 1 year).








7) Give yourself time.
Give yourself time to study, to understand and, above all, to try.
Try demo in as much as possible.


Build yourself a solid market experience and a solid strategy.
The market is always there and always will be! So, why hurry?












8) Got to know. Study your reactions to stress.


In trading the psychological component is important because it has to do with money and in the human mind taking several mechanisms that influence us and change us.


Only the best traders have learned to manage their mind and emotions efficiently.

The better you know yourself, more you'll improve your performance. This is true in every field.









9) If you can, do not start with minimal capital.
It 's very difficult to survive.


As said, the losses are part of the job. If you are undercapitalized there's high risk of being wiped out by losses even "normal".











follow money




10) Do not ever think to "how much you could earn".


Think always "what you might lose".










We wish you happy and safe trading, keep reading more interesting articles on www.newethicaltrading.com 

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