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In this store you can find Forex Trading tools and Forex Trading ebooks.




Equity Guard


Equity Guard is not a "Trading Advisor", but a "two in one" trading tool.

It allows monitoring performance of multiple EA/Magic Numbers working on the same account. This way, you can have immediate statistics about win/loss of each Magic Number and, at the same time, you can benefit of drawdown warning and, eventually, auto closing functions.


  • The EA can be used on 2 charts at the same time: one chart with "HistoryMode" parameter active and the other with "HistoryMode" disabled.




  • When you put working the EA with the "HistoryMode" disabled, Equity Guard is able to monitor open positions (floating) only.
  • When you put working the EA with the "HistoryMode" enabled, Equity Guard is able to monitor closed positions only (based on history period set in your platform). In this working mode you can set the EA to warn about high drawdown and eventually close opened positions (if drawdown goes over specified threshold).


Equity Guard helps you:


1) ALWAYS keep under control opened floating positions (both EA and manual positions).

2) ANALYZE performance for both "auto" and "manual" trading.

3) Have a "GUARDIAN" that, by setting a maximum allowed loss, protects your account in two ways:

  • - alarm: if the DrawDown exceeds a threshold (set by you)
  • - close all: if the DrawDown exceeds a threshold (set by you)


Equity Guard is dedicated to all the brave Forex traders who have lost big money and never gave up.


Forex Ichimoku eBook manual



Ichimoku is one of the best (and oldest) indicator used by professional traders around the world. This manual (it's a PDF) is entirely dedicated to Ichimoku, how to use it and make money with a solid trading strategy.


If you're interested, you can click here to see details and buy this wonderful product.






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